What’s casual?

Casual – this word has been making a dizzying career in the fashion world for several years now. Changed by all the cases, proposed both as a style for men and women seems to be something most noteworthy. But what does it really mean?

Simply put, “casual” is simply “everyday, ordinary”. However, it would be a mistake to think of casual as a stretched out tracksuit or a sneaker for a “quick exit to the shop”. Nothing could be further from the truth! This style is the borderline of sporty elegance and less formalism in clothing – it will be perfect for loose social meetings, walks or going out to the club, but it will also be a great trend to work, where there is no formal dress-code.

Casual is so grateful that it allows you to combine many, very different, stylizations and different clothes. It is an explosive combination of classic and casual with individualism and nonchalance. A “classic” in such a performance is a jacket, jeans, polo and sports shoes such as sneakers.

As one of the goals of casual is freedom and comfort in this style, the materials used to make clothes are extremely important. It is also no different with the cut – the majority of things are matched here, but so skillfully selected as to cover up any possible imperfections of the silhouette. Training, jeans, classic and simple skirts, leather jackets, T-shirts, and as an addition to the really high quality, comfortable and stylish shoes. This type of wardrobe is characterized by functionality and timelessness.

Causal jewelry is simplicity and minimalism (watch, not too big necklace, discreet earrings), as well as make-up – nature and delicacy should be its determinants. The hairstyle will of course be loose and casual. The colours of the clothes should be natural but matched to the natural colours.

Casual is an opportunity to develop an individual and personal style, which allows you to feel comfortable and light. Remember, however, that for sure this style does not mean wearing sloppy. On the contrary – casual is a discreet elegance.

It is very important in casual life that this type of style is universal – it is suitable for many occasions and circumstances. What’s more, it can be used to effectively cover up the deficiencies of your body and emphasize its strongest points. It is possible thanks to the fact that it does not have a strictly defined framework and guidelines for clothing. This results in a situation in which everyone can adjust their clothes to each other and not to adjust their silhouette to any artificially imposed frames.

It should be remembered, however, that casual is not a dress for every occasion. It is unlikely to work on serious celebrations or meetings, especially if they are to be held in a more conservative group of people. This type of styling may cause them to feel disregarded and underestimated, due to the lack of formal clothing or adaptation to dress-code.

To sum up, casual is a great style for people of different ages and body types, but one should take into account the circumstances in which they will present themselves in this way.

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