The GUESS brand makes dreams come true.

The Marciano brothers from the south of France went to California almost 40 years ago to fulfill their dream of success and freedom. Today, the Guess brand they founded, which not only launched the sexiest jeans, but also discovered the most beautiful models of the world, refers to its tradition with an iconic capsule collection, of course called American Dream.

The Marciano brothers, who built the power of the Guess empire, grew up in the family of the Marseilles rabbi. Even as young boys, they showed talent for business. Before leaving for the United States in 1977, they opened a dozen or so shops in France. But only America turned out to be a real promised land for Maurice, Armand, Georges and Paul. They developed their wings while living near a dream factory. It was the legendary brilliance of Hollywood that inspired the creation of the fashion house. The Marciano brothers, however, did not forget about the French chic, which they admired as they grew up.

But California turned out to be their true love. After spending holidays on Pacific beaches, they decided to stay there permanently. Dreaming their American Dream, the French founded the Guess brand in 1981. The enigmatic word “Guess” became their hallmark after they spotted it on McDonalds’ billboard overlooking Los Angeles. Just like the slogan “Guess what’s in the new Mac? proved that there was no better burger than the McDonalds cheeseburger, so the brothers decided to make their clothes associated with the carefree luxury life of LA. “Guess” soon found itself on the signboard of the building on the Olympic Boulevard, where the family company was based.

The division of duties in the fashion house was clear. Armand was in charge of distribution, Georges was in charge of design, and Paul was responsible for creating the immortal brand image. The brothers ruled the company with skill, making strategic decisions together. They did not use the services of advisors, but succeeded thanks to their own intuition.

Of course, it all started with a groundbreaking product. Narrow dice decatized jeans with three zippers were not accidentally named Marilyn Jean. The biggest Hollywood star embodied the ideal of femininity according to the Marciano brothers. The image of the sexy, strong and mysterious Marilyn Monroe has inspired the brand’s advertising from the very beginning. But nothing would have happened without these one perfect jeans. Marciano had a completely different mistake for them than the other brands. Denim trousers were supposed to love the female body. Delicate, lighter, more fitting – they made every girl who put them on could feel like a star. Bloomingdales department store was the first to order Guess jeans. 24 pairs sold out within a few hours. Then during the first year of business in the States of Guess things could also be bought in Bergdorf Goodman, Bonwit Teller, Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Today the brand has 1639 retail stores around the world.

Since the mid-1990s, Guess has systematically undergone changes that were to bring the company into the 21st century. Since 1996 Guess has been a listed company. The revolution took place in 2015, when Victor Herrero took over as Executive Director. The brothers praise his entrepreneurial spirit, taking advantage of his experience in building a brand in Asia. Herrero has been responsible for the Asian interests of Inditex for ten years. Respecting the Guess tradition, Herrero is committed to development, including in social media. The Guess account on the Instagram, full of photos of young influencers, observes four million fans.

A specific summary of almost 40 years of the Guess brand’s existence is the American Dream capsule collection. Maintained in the climate of the 90s, it combines grunge and glamour. Neon colours, prints inspired by Andy Warhol’s work and drawings of women reminiscent of those from the brand’s posters are a tribute to influencers who build their own individual style, mixing conventions. A real treat for collectors are pop art cans, in which T-shirts and scarves are wrapped. American Dream collection must not lack jeans, of course. There are models made of elastic fabric with an inclined weave and “vintage wash” with a stitched front. Slim” and “skinny” models adjust to the shape of the body, creating a sexy set in combination with a “trucker” jacket with the inscription “American Dream” on the back. Guessa’s slogan on the Instagram is “Young. Sexy. Adventurous”. These were the supermodels of the 1990s that wore jeans designed by the Marciano brothers, and these are the influencers that today cover the Guess jeans. They are sewn in such a way that everyone looks like a million dollars in them.

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