The smallest McDonald’s in the world

You’re not gonna order a hamburger in it. At most you will get some honey here…
The smallest McDonald’s in the world was made in Sweden. The building is really tiny. But there is Mc Drive here, there are miniature advertisements, an open-air garden, there is a banner with a characteristic yellow letter M. However, it is not possible to order fries or eat a hamburger. This construction is really a beehive – McHive. Inside there are frames with honeycomb and, of course, small residents.

Architects and originators of a small restaurant? It’s McDonald’s with the creative agency Nord DDB. They also immortalized their idea in a video. Why bees and the beehive? Ecologists have been talking about the problem of the extinction of entire populations of these insects for a long time. The intensification of agricultural crops, the use of artificial fertilizers and pollution do not serve bees. Several Swedish McDonald’s franchisees placed hives on the roofs of their restaurants and planted flowers around them to help insects. The mother company appreciated their efforts and thanked them with a video and a mini “Poppy seed”. The miniature hive from McDonald’s and Nord DDB additionally publicises the matter, increases people’s awareness and, above all, helps bees. A cool idea?

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