The most fashionable confectioneries, pubs and boutiques…in Milan, Italy

Of course, it is worth seeing classics such as the famous Duomo di Milano Cathedral, the forest skyscrapers of Vertical Forest or the Pinacoteca di Brera with its impressive art collection. This time, however, we offer you a slightly different journey through Milan: visual and sensual – here is a guide to the best boutiques, confectioneries and pubs in the city You can be sure that one restaurant or boutique will not end there. After all, as the Italians say, “L’appetito vien mangiando”, or appetite, grows with eating. Especially here.

It is good to start the Milan mornings with a visit to Princi. It’s a bakery with a huge selection of breads that taste like homemade by an Italian mamma. Here you will have a nutritious Italian breakfast and a strong coffee – best served with cannoli. If this start of the day awakens your appetite for more sweets, check out the Grom ice cream parlour. Culinary bloggers around the world are writing about the taste of their gelato, praising the heavens for drawing on the Italian ice cream tradition and using natural ingredients. You will find a similar tradition in the historical Cova confectionery, which remembers the meetings of Milan’s elite from decades ago, and equally beautiful desserts (and such decorations) are waiting for you in T’a Milano. This is a place founded by two brothers whose family has been producing chocolate for generations. For fans of more modern places await Orsonero Coffee and Pave Milano.

However, if you have to go to only two such places in Milan, let them be Marchesi 1824 and Starbucks Reserve Roastery. The first one impresses with an impressive number of desserts on the menu, served in Rosenthal porcelain and a green interior designed by architect Robert Baciochi. But when it comes to the fabulous Reserve Roastery, it’s a special café called the most beautiful Starbucks in the world – with a mosaic on the floor, marble tops and a striking brass siren sculpture. It was opened in the historic old post office in Palazzo delle Poste at the popular Piazza Cordusio Square. There you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee and desserts, including real ice cream.

You know the Victor Emanuele II Gallery? It is said to be one of the most beautiful shopping malls in the world. No wonder, commissioned in 1867, the project is in neo-classical style and resembles a cathedral: large windows, domes, architectural ornaments and dashboards are the home of the most luxurious brands in the city. The La Rinascente shopping mall in Piazza del Duomo is also a must for fashion and design enthusiasts. You won’t get out of there empty-handed, because inside you will find eight floors of top fashion, furniture, interior accessories and luxury cosmetics. Interesting fact: La Rinascente started with the Bocconi brothers’ clothing store opened in the 1870s and its name was invented by the poet Gabriele d’Annunzio.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is Italy’s oldest active shopping mall and a major landmark of Milan.

After spectacular galleries, take a stroll through Via Monte Napoleone, the shopping street of Milan, which is famous for its beautiful shop windows and luxurious shops that you will be dreaming of in the coming weeks.

One of Liu Jo’s boutiques should also be on your list – look for dresses there if you want to feel like real Italians. Write down a vintage boutique where you can find real gems and discover new talents in the Italian fashion world: Cavalli e Nastri, 10 Corso Como – not only for great fashion, but also for art, books and cuisine, and Wait and See, the unique aesthetic shop of Uberta Zambeletti, which fills up with beautiful colorful clothes and eccentric accessories. And last but not least: DMAG designer fashion outlet. This is where the unique clothes and accessories are brought in by models who visit Milan during the fashion weeks.

For an aperitivo, visit the Mixology Bar, a place with a view of San Lorenzo Basilica. You can forget about the drinks card, as the bartenders mix drinks to match your favorite flavors and serve bucatini pasta instead of straws. If you run out of room (which is not so hard), turn towards Terrazza Aperol – this is one of Luisa Beccaria’s favorite pubs, where you will also feel Italian elegance, and in addition, apart from the aperitif, you will have a great coffee. With such an aroused appetite it is worth going to Cucina Roman Ponte Milvio, a secret place for every pasta lover. Its motto is: “You don’t live by love alone, you also need carbonary”, which convinces us one hundred percent. The menu here changes every day and all dishes are made according to the Roman culinary tradition. If you are also absorbed by your eyes, check out the Aimo e Nadia bistro, where the most creative minds in the city come for a quick coffee or a romantic dinner, or the LùBar with its huge windows and palm trees, where you can taste the cuisine based on Italian tradition. For the hungry, there are also beautiful Instagram frames: Marghe Pizza, Iter Milano, Tabaccheria da Giacomo, Filz and Zibo Couchi foodtruck.

A must-see is the Naviglio Grande Canal with its many cafes, ice cream parlours, pubs and restaurants. Just choose one of them randomly and you won’t be disappointed. In Milan, Friday night you’ll be asked to have a drink at 55 Milan or a glass of wine at the famous Brera Bar, where you’ll meet the city’s trendy people. At the end of the trip, take a trip to Eataly Milano Smeraldo. You’ll buy typical Italian groceries here, but you’ll also see an intimate concert and have dinner (from Italian snacks to seafood and great pizza). On several floors you’ll find a real food gallery, and some of the restaurants are also a market and wine bar.

Naviglio Grande Milano, Photo © Nick Hughes, Yellowtrace

Are you going to Milan? Dreaming about these places, we spray one of our two favorite Liu Jo fragrances (EDP or Lovely U), learn how to brew Italian coffee and look for Milan style pubs and boutiques in our area. At the same time, we check flights and build tickets – because Milan is always a good idea.

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