iPhone only. Apple explains why it’s so special.

iPhone only. Why is it so special? This is the title of the page explaining the advantages of Apple smartphones. I was surprised by the fact that the arguments are similar and given in the order in which I usually act as an Apple’s lawyer.

It starts with the best components and a combination of hardware and software. Even one of Google’s directors mentioned how important it is to keep the system in tune with the hardware, claiming that Apple will always be one step ahead of the competition just because it designs the hardware and the system itself. Then we move on smoothly to the uniqueness of the A12 chip. And here it’s worth emphasizing that Apple designs every aspect of the processors on its own. It doesn’t buy ready-made blocks and, like the competition, it tries to assemble something working out of them, and creates everything to suit its needs. As an example of the power of the A12, the process of taking a picture was presented. The Bionic Engine supported by the new ISP (image processor) plays the most important role. That’s not on other smartphones! They have no neural units or they are dwarf.
The importance of the Bionic Engine in the Apple system can be seen from the commitment to the development of the various elements of the processor. Although the 7 nm technology has allowed for a significant increase in power and CPU power, they have only accelerated by 15%, but have become more energy efficient and their number has remained unchanged. Graphics got one core more and is half the speed, but the Neural Engine has four times the number of cores (8) and all in all… 8 times the speed of its predecessor in the A11! This allows you to perform 5 trillion operations per second! Apple has simply opted for “Artificial Intelligence” data analysis. This had to prove itself in the A11, and the company’s programmers are getting better at using neural analysis. For example, iOS 12 even on “old” iPhones with A11 creates depth masks much more precisely when taking pictures.

The right to privacy is a fundamental human right…
Even if you don’t know how you tried, you won’t find another company making IT devices for the popular market, which cares so much about the privacy of users’ data and its security. It balances at the frontier of the law to protect your (our) data, often exposing itself to law enforcement authorities. Of course, sometimes he makes concessions as in China, but he fights. Other companies have neither a culture, nor a willingness, nor even the means to try to ensure such confidentiality. Of course, the weakest link is always a man who, even if armed with the best locks, can forget to turn the key.

We create an iPhone to serve you for a long time… And then to others
This cannot be undermined either. If we don’t break the iPhone ourselves, it will work for years. I still have a working iPhone 4, two 3GS, iPad 1 and 2 are still in use. iPhone 5s, which is just 5 years old, still has full support, and the new system will breathe new life into it. That’s important. Not only good and durable materials, but also an unprecedented period of support and software updates on the smartphone market ensure long and safe use of iPhones. If you get bored, you will still sell it for a decent price to another person who will enjoy it for a long time to come.
I’ve written about it before: 4 years is the lifespan of Apple devices.
Against this background, how do users of Samsung’s smartphones feel about 4,000 PLN and more, knowing that in 3 years’ time their more expensive than iPhone XR toys will become useless, because they will not have security updates? Stupid truth?

The iPhone works perfectly with all Apple devices…
Here I have already changed the order. Apple gives this argument at the end of the page. For me, however, it is extremely important. There is simply no other ecosystem in IT that is so coherent and makes work so easy. Unfortunately, only the one who has at least two devices from this company will get to know him. Unfortunately, there is one shameful problem here. The 5GB iCloud capacity offered for free is a rather pathetic size and does not allow you to get to know the full benefits of the cloud from Apple.

The iPhone is for everyone
This is the only smartphone that is so well adapted for the disabled when taken out of the box.

Finally, the App Store
It is still the safest source of programs, despite minor mishaps. Although Apple’s censorship is sometimes tiring for programmers, the result is the best store with the best apps and not only for smartphones.

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