The Balenciaga Ikea Bag, High fashion, or a high-priced knock-off?

The cheap Bag inspired a luxurious French fashion house.
Not so long ago we wrote to you about the new version of the famous FRAKTA bag from IKEA created by the Parisian boutique Colette. The French fashion house Balenciaga launched the Arena Extra-Large Shopper Bag, which immediately evoked associations with the IKEA brand and its flagship product.

Balenciaga bag is a nativity scene in size XL, in a characteristic, strongly saturated blue color and with a slight gloss. Another similarity? Double, strong ears. Of course, there are also differences. Arena bag has a lining, is made of leather and is closed with a coffee machine. FRACOTHER than Arena, however, differs mainly in price. The first one costs 1.45$. For the second one you have to spend 2145 dollars$. Apparently, IKEA does not hold a grudge and is happy that its product still inspires designers and evokes such vivid emotions.

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