SOAPBOTTLE an eco-solution for the bathroom.

Shampoo and gel in zerowaste style.
Are your bathrooms full of plastic bottles of shampoos, shower gels and body lotions? A quick glance at the cosmetics shelf (unless you consciously buy them in glass packaging) makes you think. What if we were to replace this environmentally unfriendly plastic with something that we would eventually use? Berlin-based designer Jonna Breitenhuber came up with the idea of zero-zero-type packaging for… soap.

Jonny’s soapy bottles are called SAOPBOTTLE and gently dissolve when using a product that is hidden inside. They can then change their colours, which is another advantage. What to do with soap packaging? You can use it as soap to wash your body or detergent for washing, cleaning floors or other dirty surfaces. This soap is ecological, made from natural ingredients and therefore bodegradeable. The designer was awarded the Green Product Award for her idea. How do you like such cosmetics? Would you like them to be mass-produced?

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