For those who’ve been to, or live in, New York City, you know that this place is forever changing — yet there’s always something familiar around the corner.  But over the course of the last 80 years, the city has certainly changed, from its buildings and parks to its forms of transportation, artwork, and beyond. The video focuses on various locations, like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Upper West Side, the Museum of Natural History, and Central Park. You may notice the different cars, fashions, storefronts, and more, that help to

For a moment, the peace and solitude takes your breath away. Ahead, the clear blue waters from Puka Shell Beach fan out to meet the sky in an endless expanse. You arrive at the resort’s exclusive welcome lounge in Caticlan, where a gracious host escorts you to Shangri-La’s private speedboat. In less than 30 minutes of cruising along the white beach of Boracay, you will reach the shores of the first and only deluxe resort on the beautiful island. You observe that the resort’s accommodations are thoughtfully designed with Shangri-La’s

We believe that each of us has his or her own vocation, i.e. a unique talent to perform a given activity. Performing this activity gives a person the greatest joy and often helps to achieve success. How to achieve success? Some of us feel like fish in water when we meet corporate challenges, others prefer handicrafts, while others devote themselves to working for others. The problem is when we don’t feel comfortable in the place where we are. In the activities we do every day. Maybe it’s a temporary deviation

YOUTH should not only be a certain stage of life. How long we stop it depends on how we treat and care for our mind and body on a daily basis. Therefore, in order to enjoy your well-being and youthful appearance for as long as possible, it is worth following a few simple rules. Step one – slow down! The hectic pace at which we live every day is not good for the body. Every fifth person is exposed to stressful situations every day, and living at high speed can

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