Music constantly accompanies us as a background to our everyday life. We hear it at home, at work, in the shop, without thinking too often about how much it can affect our feelings about a particular place or our mood at a given moment. In the following article I will try to explain what roles music plays in our lives and how, therefore, it can be used to stimulate our minds. Music functions:Since the dawn of time, music has accompanied us in the form of songs, religious worship or folk

The Marciano brothers from the south of France went to California almost 40 years ago to fulfill their dream of success and freedom. Today, the Guess brand they founded, which not only launched the sexiest jeans, but also discovered the most beautiful models of the world, refers to its tradition with an iconic capsule collection, of course called American Dream. The Marciano brothers, who built the power of the Guess empire, grew up in the family of the Marseilles rabbi. Even as young boys, they showed talent for business. Before

Allow to introduce the thinkingman’s linen shirt. Every detail of this shirt – from tail to topstich – has been considered. That way, when you find yourself on far flung shores, turning languid days into tropical nights, you won’t have to consider a thing. Cut For A Sir With Impeccable Taste… Fit is paramount. We tweaked, pinched, cut, and recut until we created the perfect fit. Trim, but not skinny. Cut to be worn untucked. And flattering for all. Made On The Continent… The linen comes from Italy and shirts are

iPhone only. Why is it so special? This is the title of the page explaining the advantages of Apple smartphones. I was surprised by the fact that the arguments are similar and given in the order in which I usually act as an Apple’s lawyer. It starts with the best components and a combination of hardware and software. Even one of Google’s directors mentioned how important it is to keep the system in tune with the hardware, claiming that Apple will always be one step ahead of the competition just because

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