Walt Disney – a successful man whose name is known to every person in the world who has never stopped trying. He is the author of the words: “The way to start is to stop talking and take action. Admittedly, he undoubtedly followed his words. You probably know him as the creator of Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck and of course Disneyland. It might seem “fairy tale”, but has it always been like that? Walt in his life many times heard words after which he could completely surrender! It’s hard

I believe that work is peace of mind, self-control, organisation. I hate hystericism. It’s good for me – there’s no greater luxury. You can write about me what you want – well, almost…. – because I still believe in the principle: “Say what you want until it is true”. I don’t have any problems. This is a truly wonderful dimension of my life. There are no problems, there are only solutions – good or bad. I am terrified by people who are completely honest. I don’t need friends you meet

How can we find the most beautiful beaches? In almost every corner of the world. See the ranking of the world’s best beaches in 2018. Already the photos make a great impression.  The Travelers’ Choice Top Beaches ranking includes beaches from all over the world – from white, flour-like beaches in the Caribbean to golden sands in Europe. Each of these places is amazing, each worth seeing. 1. Grace Bay Beach – the queen can be only oneOne of the most beautiful beaches in the world is, according to internet

Don’t you have an idea for a healthy breakfast? The ideal, sweet (and express!) option are banana pancakes. You only need three ingredients to make them. Do you like to eat breakfast sweet? Or maybe you are bored with traditional porridge? If, despite a healthy diet, you sometimes miss childhood pancakes, we have the perfect recipe for you. It’s banana pancakes with three ingredients that you’ll find in your kitchen. It’s an express and tasty dish that has a lot of fibre in it. Thanks to this it satisfies your

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