On the wave of retro fashion, forgotten brands return to grace. One of them is Ellesse – you will certainly associate sweatshirts, kidney bags or t-shirts with a characteristic logotype. Ellesse is a sports brand created in 1959 in Italy. Its founder is Leonardo Servadio – it is from his initials – L.S. that the name of the brand was created. Ellesse became famous in the 70’s – the brand was famous mainly for its ski clothes, later it gained recognition also in tennis circles. It is not a coincidence

CATable – Your pets will love it. Are you with us today? Here is a desk from the Chinese studio LYCS Architecture. This model is called CATable and if you look at its photos in our gallery you will immediately guess why it is so. Cats love to “help” their owners in their work. Most of the time they are trying to flip over a cup with pens, try to place it on a computer keyboard and jump off a tabletop. CATable designed by Hao Ruan will give them much

Circular Sun House, also known as Norman Lykes’ house, will soon be available for auction. The building, just before his death in 1959, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself. The house is located on the outskirts of Phoenix in Arizona, USA. It was built by John Rattenbury, Wright’s student, and then thoroughly renovated in the 1990s. The building has characteristic round and streamlined shapes. Frank Lloyd Wright carefully sketched the whole construction, chose the construction site and designed the furniture (which will also be used by the future owner)

Shampoo and gel in zerowaste style. Are your bathrooms full of plastic bottles of shampoos, shower gels and body lotions? A quick glance at the cosmetics shelf (unless you consciously buy them in glass packaging) makes you think. What if we were to replace this environmentally unfriendly plastic with something that we would eventually use? Berlin-based designer Jonna Breitenhuber came up with the idea of zero-zero-type packaging for… soap. Jonny’s soapy bottles are called SAOPBOTTLE and gently dissolve when using a product that is hidden inside. They can then change

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