Macrame – inspiring boho art in interiors.

Macrame art is a natural design ideal for bright, boho-style interiors.

Instagram is crazy about handicrafts – a hit are crochet swimsuits in the 70’s style, and in the colder season sheep wool sweaters with a thick weave and “handmade” label reign. In autumn, we are inspired by interiors with ubiquitous knitwear, which turns four corners into a warm and comfortable place. Closeness to nature provides us with a space filled with lush vegetation and spectacular boho-style accessories and if you want to transform your apartment into a cosy place in the spirit of ethno, you just need to use a few simple tricks using the macramé technique.

Tying strings without the use of needles, wires or crochets was an art known in ancient times. Macramas can be used to weave many things by hand, from flowerbeds to necklaces, wall mats, suspended hammocks and jewellery. Only natural raw materials are used to make this technique – threads from flax, hemp, silk and sisal. Additionally, this method is very simple – hangings for pots or wall braids can be easily made by yourself.

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