H&M shows real shapes. Models in swimsuits have sides, stretch marks and hair on their hands.

A giant hired a model with natural shapes to work. Bathing suits promote girls with visible stretch marks and hair on their hands.
Body positive” movement caused the brands to slowly stop showing only models with perfect shapes in their advertisements. H&M joined the group long time ago. In 2016, the brand showed the famous campaign #Ladylikez with various heroines. They appeared in the film: Lauren Hutton, Advocate Aboah, Hari Nef, Pum Lefebure and Jillian Hervey.

This time the Swedish giant shows its swimsuit collection on girls of different shapes, weight, skin colour and height. The campaign featured bodies with visible stretch marks, hair and curves. Malicious people say that these are actions designed to arouse interest and “good press”, but I have to admit that only a few years ago such pictures would have been processed. Suddenly in the advertising campaigns there was a little more room for naturalness. Let us remind you that the photos of models in swimsuits stopped improving, among others, ASOS, Missguided and Oysho.

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