Gucci Bookstore in NYC.

Albums on art and photography, books on fashion and architecture and niche magazines in Gucci bookstore.
Gucci often amazes us with boutiques with original design (we have written about them more than once, for example HERE). The luxurious brand takes care of the smallest details while decorating its interiors. Today is the time for our next admiration. This time we take under the magnifying glass the bookstore, which Gucci opened just on New York SoHo. The shop occupies the ground floor of a beautiful tenement house with a brick facade. What do we have inside? Richly decorated book shelves, a brick wall, a lot of antiques and a huge table with the most interesting readings on display. There is also a yellow leather sofa and armchair in the same style and our favourite – a hand woven carpet with flowers. The colours of this interior are mainly brown, dark red and emerald green.
What books can you buy in a bookstore? Mainly those devoted to avant-garde art, fashion, architecture and photography. Gucci took care of their good selection by asking David Strettell, founder of Dashwood Books, to compose the assortment accordingly. Available titles range from new releases to used and rare copies, including many titles with exhaustive circulation and a large selection of niche magazines.

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