Ellesse – a brand that is fashionable again

On the wave of retro fashion, forgotten brands return to grace. One of them is Ellesse – you will certainly associate sweatshirts, kidney bags or t-shirts with a characteristic logotype.
Ellesse is a sports brand created in 1959 in Italy. Its founder is Leonardo Servadio – it is from his initials – L.S. that the name of the brand was created. Ellesse became famous in the 70’s – the brand was famous mainly for its ski clothes, later it gained recognition also in tennis circles. It is not a coincidence that you will see a piece of tennis ball in the logo.

Ellesse quickly made it to the stretch and at some point things with the brand tag should be worn not only for training. The cooperation between Ellesse and one of the top designers certainly contributed to that. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac created selected collections with Ellesse. With her trademark, Ellesse made clothes with a large and very visible logo – one of the first brands to promote logomania for good. In this way, one could not help but notice someone wearing the brand’s clothes. The costumes of the protagonists of “Foofball Factory” were also remembered – the toilets in some scenes are wearing Ellesse tracksuits.

Now Ellesse is on top again. Every now and then he surprises his clients with limited collections and cooperation with Liam Hodges, Staple or Le Fix. The most desirable are rubber flip-flops (Birkenstock have competition!) – girls wear them every day and at the swimming pool, classic (and already cult) cotton sweatshirts and sachets-knitters.

How to wear Ellesse clothes according to trends in spring and summer 2019? With other sporting elements or, in spite of that, with ultra-girlish dresses. Drop the bomber or the Ellesse logo on a boo-coat tunic or even a sequin mini. You will also find swimsuits in the brand’s offer – pack them in your holiday suitcase.

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