Desk for cat lovers. Awesome!

CATable – Your pets will love it.
Are you with us today? Here is a desk from the Chinese studio LYCS Architecture. This model is called CATable and if you look at its photos in our gallery you will immediately guess why it is so. Cats love to “help” their owners in their work. Most of the time they are trying to flip over a cup with pens, try to place it on a computer keyboard and jump off a tabletop. CATable designed by Hao Ruan will give them much more possibilities. A desk made of wood has many holes, corridors and shelves created especially for cat workers. Animals driven by natural curiosity can explore the corridors or relax in the drawers of the table. A good idea?


Creating cat furniture has been very popular lately. We recall, for example, modular houses made of cardboard for cats, miniature furniture made by craftsmen from Japan and buildings for cats made by top architects from LA.

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