Delicious and simple banana pancakes!

Don’t you have an idea for a healthy breakfast? The ideal, sweet (and express!) option are banana pancakes. You only need three ingredients to make them.

Do you like to eat breakfast sweet? Or maybe you are bored with traditional porridge? If, despite a healthy diet, you sometimes miss childhood pancakes, we have the perfect recipe for you. It’s banana pancakes with three ingredients that you’ll find in your kitchen. It’s an express and tasty dish that has a lot of fibre in it. Thanks to this it satisfies your appetite for a long time and speeds up your metabolism. Banana cakes are very sweet, although there is no gram of sugar in their composition. You can freely increase their taste by adding coconut, cocoa, karob or cinnamon chips to the dough. They will work well for both breakfast and dessert – a perfect snack after training! We love serving them with fresh fruit, home-made jam, nuts or bitter chocolate. They are the best option for a “black hour”, instead of buying sweets full of sugar and fat.

Recipe for banana pancakes:


1 matured banana

2 eggs

1/2 cup of oatmeal

Put the eggs in the blender dish. Throw in the peeled, sliced banana and oat flakes. Mix the ingredients into a homogenous mass. Pour the dough into a hot pan. Fry the pancakes on both sides until golden brown. Serve with home-made jam or fresh fruit.


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