YOUTH should not only be a certain stage of life. How long we stop it depends on how we treat and care for our mind and body on a daily basis. Therefore, in order to enjoy your well-being and youthful appearance for as long as possible, it is worth following a few simple rules.

Step one – slow down!

The hectic pace at which we live every day is not good for the body. Every fifth person is exposed to stressful situations every day, and living at high speed can cause a lot of problems, because rush means stress, headaches, stomach problems and constant irritation. The best lifestyle is one in which we focus on quality, not quantity. The one in which we live at our own pace.

Step two – take care of your body, also from the inside.

To enjoy a radiant complexion for as long as possible, skin care is not enough. A natural supplementation based on carefully selected active ingredients, such as membranous tragans, ginseng or sleepy pigeons, also plays a significant role in the anti-aging process. These plants of “eternal youth” are not only characterized by properties that slow down the aging process, but also help in the states of general exhaustion of the body.

Green tea contains many antioxidants fighting against free radicals. In many Asian countries it is believed that drinking hot tea has a positive effect on the body, unlike carbonated drinks. This is not all, however, because extracts from the leaves of this plant are also very widely used in cosmetics. Similarly, ginseng, which for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine has been considered a golden remedy for all ailments – it adds energy, improves memory and concentration, strengthens the body’s immune system. Such natural ingredients are substances that prolong our youth.

Step three – move!

The measure of health assessment is primarily daily behaviour, but almost one third person do not undertake any physical activities such as swimming, running or cycling. And regular exercise is not only a carved, slender body, but also a fantastic way to cope with stress, because physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins, which bring a good mood. Therefore, it is worth spending at least 15 minutes a day on simple exercises, e.g. stretching in the morning after waking up or after sitting at the desk for a longer time at work.

Step four – let yourself rest

A good way to relax is a massage that relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation in the skin. However, one of the key activities that is responsible for good health and eternal youth is… sleep. This is a time when the body can rest and gain strength, because a good, healthy sleep supports the absorption of information, regenerates and relaxes the body, has a positive effect not only on the psyche, but also on beauty.

Step five – introduce order in the kitchen

More than half people believe that health is one of the most important values in life, and as many as 48% believe that healthy eating contributes to its improvement. Healthy, i.e. full of vitamins, which will provide the body with energy and strength. To this end, it is worth eating as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible, as well as abandoning ready-made and highly processed products and sweetened carbonated drinks.

Step six – enjoy life, just like this

Nothing improves your mood as much as indulging in pleasure. The realization of passion causes that a person is fulfilled, relaxed and happy, and the excellent mood contributes to the fact that you have more energy to carry out professional tasks. Hobbies, friendly attitude towards other people, positive attitude to life – folklore even with a small pleasure can extend your life even by a few years!

Step seven – live close to nature

Green has a soothing effect on the mind, helping to relax and reduce stress, so it is worth having plants at home. They not only increase the amount of oxygen in the room, but also purify the air and absorb many harmful substances. It is also worthwhile to start growing herbs such as basil, melissa or mint on a window sill, which can be used to prepare meals.

How long we feel young depends solely on our behaviour and lifestyle. Taking care of yourself in the right way is the key to longevity. Adhering to these simple rules will help to maintain not only good mood, but also great condition for many years, because in a healthy body, a healthy and young spirit!

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