Clare Waight Keller in her projects Givenchy haute couture autumn-winter 2019/2020, which she called “Noblesse Radicale”, released the reigns of imagination. This is the most metaphorical theatrical collection she has ever created for a French fashion house. On the catwalk, the models wore pleated silk outfits, dresses with lace and feathers, spectacular skirts with à la turniura stiffening and large cloaks like Miss Havisham, the protagonist of Charles Dickens’ novel.

This northernmost hotel will only open for one month of the year. A trip to the North Pole means low temperatures (maximum 5 degrees Celsius in summer) and extreme conditions. This is expected to change with the arrival of the North Pole Igloo Hotel already in 2020. The complex is to be the most northern hotel in the world. Guests will receive only in April – this is the month in which the North Pole prevails the most favorable weather conditions for humans. Guests will reach the pole by a

Singapore is a unique combination of tradition and modernity. This is where you’ll find the famous Marina Bay with its futuristic buildings, the sky swimming pool on the roof of the Marina Bay Sands and one of the world’s largest “devil’s mills”.  But that’s just one side of Singapore. The bustling and colorful neighborhoods of China Town and Little India, Buddhist temples and the so-called Hawker Centre filled with stands with local cuisine are also waiting to be discovered. Singapore is a city-state located on several dozen islands on the

On the wave of retro fashion, forgotten brands return to grace. One of them is Ellesse – you will certainly associate sweatshirts, kidney bags or t-shirts with a characteristic logotype. Ellesse is a sports brand created in 1959 in Italy. Its founder is Leonardo Servadio – it is from his initials – L.S. that the name of the brand was created. Ellesse became famous in the 70’s – the brand was famous mainly for its ski clothes, later it gained recognition also in tennis circles. It is not a coincidence

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