Chanel Spring-Summer 2020: the whole truth about Paris

Chanel Virginie Viard’s new collection pays tribute to Paris. However, the French capital is not shown from the perspective of the beautiful but well-kept Eiffel Tower, croissants or singers – the designer tears her head up and climbs up to the top of the buildings.
There she sees characteristic “broken” roofs, called mansard roofs, which are clearly associated with Paris and were popularized in the 17th century by the French architect Francois Mansart. You will see them on the Garnier Opera House, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps shopping malls and old tenement houses. Today it is a part of Parisian heritage, an attraction for travelers and a must-see point on Instagram, which is why the designer turned Grand Palais into this architectural element.

The models who marched along chimneys, skylights and micro terraces presented trapeze skirts, tulle tops and blouses with buffets made of tiny bows. There were also classic black jackets, trousers behind the knee with tulle skirts, blouses with a pleated tab on the neckline. In the spring, Chanel brings back to fashion the round collars of the schoolgirl, the old Coco sets, the black tights, and the dresses made of double-row coats.

True Paris is not the Champs Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe accompanied by lights, red lips and bakeries with fragrant croissants. Here life takes place on rooftops that see the whole span of the city and observe the life of its inhabitants, the designer seems to say. That’s why this collection is so diverse: school style, “9 to 5” style suits, weatherproof coats and black dresses when dating (for example in the form of wine drinking on the roof) – often nonchalantly combined with each other than perfectly polished. Très chic (et réel).

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