Hotel North Pole Igloo Hotel is coming in the SPRING of 2020

This northernmost hotel will only open for one month of the year.
A trip to the North Pole means low temperatures (maximum 5 degrees Celsius in summer) and extreme conditions. This is expected to change with the arrival of the North Pole Igloo Hotel already in 2020. The complex is to be the most northern hotel in the world. Guests will receive only in April – this is the month in which the North Pole prevails the most favorable weather conditions for humans.

fot. Luxury Action/Ferrari Press/East News

Guests will reach the pole by a special helicopter of the Scandinavian company Luxury Action (the company specializes in organizing expeditions and recreation in unusual northern locations). They will be accommodated in special, heated glass igloos with a view of the starry sky and polar lights. There will be 10 such cabins, each of which will have its own private bathroom. The price of a trip to the far north? Hmmm, that’s 95,000,000 euros. Apart from April, the cabins are to be moved to one of the Norwegian glaciers.

fot. Luxury Action/Ferrari Press/East News
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