Do you like colors? If so, it’s a great coincidence, because today there will be them on the blog a whole lot of them! Do you remember my two hairstyles with graffiti in the background? If not, take a look here and here. Today I will take you on a journey through New York again. This time, however, I will focus solely on street art and the beautiful murals I have managed to photograph! Most of them I captured during my visit to the Bushwick Collective. This place is called

You’re not gonna order a hamburger in it. At most you will get some honey here… The smallest McDonald’s in the world was made in Sweden. The building is really tiny. But there is Mc Drive here, there are miniature advertisements, an open-air garden, there is a banner with a characteristic yellow letter M. However, it is not possible to order fries or eat a hamburger. This construction is really a beehive – McHive. Inside there are frames with honeycomb and, of course, small residents. Architects and originators of a

Casual – this word has been making a dizzying career in the fashion world for several years now. Changed by all the cases, proposed both as a style for men and women seems to be something most noteworthy. But what does it really mean? Simply put, “casual” is simply “everyday, ordinary”. However, it would be a mistake to think of casual as a stretched out tracksuit or a sneaker for a “quick exit to the shop”. Nothing could be further from the truth! This style is the borderline of sporty

The cheap Bag inspired a luxurious French fashion house. Not so long ago we wrote to you about the new version of the famous FRAKTA bag from IKEA created by the Parisian boutique Colette. The French fashion house Balenciaga launched the Arena Extra-Large Shopper Bag, which immediately evoked associations with the IKEA brand and its flagship product. Balenciaga bag is a nativity scene in size XL, in a characteristic, strongly saturated blue color and with a slight gloss. Another similarity? Double, strong ears. Of course, there are also differences. Arena

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